Simple Ways To Keep Your Belongings Safe In A Self-Storage Unit

By Michael May 28, 2023
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Storing items in self-storage units is one of the best ways of keeping your items safe and secure. However, some people may feel uneasy when leaving their belongings in a different space that is outside their supervision.

So, here are all the ways you can enhance the security of your self-storage unit to ensure you are less worried about the safety of your items and have more time to focus on other matters.

Choose a Reputable Self-Storage Facility

The first step in safeguarding your belongings is selecting a reputable self-storage facility. Do your research and opt for a facility that prioritises security. Look for features such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and alarm systems. A well-maintained facility with robust security measures will give you peace of mind.

Organise strategically

Properly organise and stack your items within the personal storage unit to maximise space and minimise the risk of damage. Utilise sturdy and stackable boxes or containers to prevent shifting or collapsing. You can also keep valuable or fragile items towards the back or in less accessible areas so as to reduce the chance of them being damaged accidentally or toppled.

Opt for An Indoor Unit

If possible, choose an indoor storage unit instead of an outdoor one. Indoor units are typically more secure as they provide an additional layer of protection against weather elements and unauthorised access.

Utilise Additional Security Features

You should be taking full advantage of any additional security features offered by the self-storage facility. For example, some units come equipped with individual alarms or security codes. Activate these features to enhance the protection of your belongings. You can also consider using additional security devices like a motion sensor. All these features can act as deterrents and alert you or the storage facility’s staff in case of any unauthorised access or tampering.

Consider Climate Control

Extreme heat, cold, or humidity can damage delicate items such as electronics, artwork, or wooden furniture. Storing such sensitive items must be done with the use of a climate controlled storage unit, as climate-controlled units maintain a consistent environment, minimising the risk of deterioration.

Avoid Storing Valuables

While self-storage units offer a secure solution for most belongings, it’s generally advisable to keep high-value or irreplaceable items elsewhere. Consider utilising a different personal storage option, such as a safe deposit box or a specialised facility, for storing valuable possessions. It’s better to be a little cautious when it comes to cherished or expensive items.

Create an Inventory

Maintaining a detailed inventory of your stored items is essential. Create a comprehensive list and consider taking a few photographs.

This inventory serves two purposes: it helps you keep track of your belongings in case something goes missing and provides documentation for insurance purposes in case of theft, damage, or loss. You should update the inventory regularly as you add or remove items from the storage unit.

Purchase Insurance

Before storing your belongings, inquire about the insurance policies provided by the self-storage facility. While some facilities offer basic coverage, it may be wise to consider additional insurance for added protection.

Consult with your insurance provider to explore suitable coverage options as insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected should the unexpected occur.

Regularly Check on Your Unit

Make it a habit to visit your storage unit periodically, even if you don’t actually need to access your belongings. These regular check-ins allow you to ensure everything is in order and secure. Be sure to look for signs of tampering or damage and if you notice any suspicious activities or issues, promptly report them to the facility management.

Proactively Safeguard Your Items

In the realm of personal storage units, you cannot underestimate the importance of keeping your belongings safe. Now, armed with the advice laid out in this article, you should have no problem ensuring that all your items are kept securely within the concrete walls of your storage unit.

This proactive approach to properly protect your possessions will not only give you peace of mind, but it will ensure that your property is kept as safe as physically possible.

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