Securing Your Assets: The Role of Business Storage in Risk Management

By Michael May 14, 2023

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, ensuring the security of your valuable assets is a crucial for effective risk management. While data storage often takes centre stage, it’s equally important to pay attention to physical asset security.

After all, businesses face numerous risks and threats that can compromise the security of their assets. External threats, such as theft and vandalism, pose significant challenges, as do natural disasters like fires and floods.

Additionally, internal risks like employee theft and unauthorised access can be equally damaging. Understanding these risks enables you to adopt targeted security measures, with off site business storage solutions capable of playing a pivotal role in these measures.

Choosing the Right Off-Site Storage Company

Using an off-site self-storage company provides an added layer of protection for your assets by keeping them away from your primary business location.

Factors to consider when selecting a business storage provider:

  • Security Measures and Protocols: Inquire about the provider’s security measures. This includes access controls such as electronic key cards or biometric authentication to restrict entry to authorised personnel, surveillance systems to monitor and deter potential threats, and adequate staff training to ensure the safety of your assets.
  • Alarm Systems and Monitoring: Ensure your storage solution provider has a reliable alarm system that can detect unauthorised access attempts or breaches. Ensure that the monitoring of these systems is prompt and responsive.
  • Fire Prevention and Protection: Ensure they have fire prevention measures such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire suppression systems to minimise the risk of fire-related damage to your assets.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Consider the location and accessibility of the storage facility to ensure that you can retrieve your assets when needed.
  • Insurance Coverage: Verify if the storage provider offers insurance coverage for your assets, providing an additional layer of financial protection.
  • Climate Control and Environmental Conditions: Depending on the nature of your assets, climate control and environmental conditions may be necessary. Certain items, such as sensitive electronics, artwork, or documents, may require specific temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage.
  • Any Other Personal Needs: You should always evaluate the characteristics of your assets, such as size, fragility, and special requirements. This will help you communicate with potential storage solution providers so that they can help you choose the best solution that suits the nature of your business goods.

Keep A Detailed Inventory and Develop Asset Recovery Plans

While keeping your business assets in an off-site storage facility can keep them as safe as possible, it is important that you establish a comprehensive inventory management system to track and document the location and condition of your assets. This inventory should also be regularly updated to ensure that nothing has gone missing and that you know exactly all of the assets that were left in storage.

This will also help with asset recovery, as while most business storage facilities have comprehensive security measures, no security system is foolproof.

By maintaining accurate asset documentation and inventory, you can facilitate the recovery process. You should additionally create a strategy that outlines the steps to be taken, including reporting the incident, engaging law enforcement, and contacting insurance providers if necessary.

Ensure Your Businesses Protection

Choosing the right off-site storage provider is a key step in protecting your company’s assets and reducing risks. Off-site storage solutions add an extra degree of security, allowing you to focus on your core business operations while knowing your assets are safe. So invest in strong protection methods and take a proactive approach to protecting your assets. This can ensure that your company continues to function productively and finds success even in the face of potential threats.

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